this little oatmeal milestone

I know a little girl who is on the brink of toddler greatness. This morning she followed Otto's lead, without any prompting, and carried her oatmeal bowl to the kitchen counter when she was finished. What a helper.

Some days are exhausting and some days are unremarkable but every day there are these little moments woven in that you just don't want to ever forget how you felt, what they said, how they did little amazing things for the first time. Grateful we're having a quiet Saturday and I was able to jump on here and write it down. Grateful for Disney songs on Pandora and all day dance parties. Grateful for coffee and legos. Grateful I woke up in the middle of the night and had an hour to myself to watch True Tori. I have to watch it by myself because (love him as I do) my husband ruins lady-shows for me. Can I get a solidarity "hey yo!"? Anyways, this time of year all the anxiety and lameness of winter magically starts to melt away and I think this year I needed Spring more than ever. ::big fat good sigh::

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