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This week's themes: buying, snapping, scoring, struggling, losing

This week I have been Buying myself Mother's Day presents, in my head. Nothing grande, I just really want to have a yard day on Mother's Day and get my garden all set for the summer. I want a worm composter the way some people are really hoping for breakfast in bed or a Nordstrom gift card. And this isn't a hint, Rob doesn't read this blog, haha, and also I flat out told him, "Worms, please!"

Loretta has been Snapping (as in losing her mind and unleashing hellfire on us all) less and less. You know how they get super angsty right before making a big developmental leap? Well we are all thankfully on the flip side of one of these leaps. A couple of weeks ago we were all side eyeing that girl and saying things like, "Damn, female, reel it in." (Note: we did not really say this to our two year old.) Now we're all jaw-dropping because she's suddenly just this chatty chatterbox who says full on sentences. At the babysitter's she said to a crying baby, "No cry, Sophie, be happy girl," and patted and hugged her. Um. Yay. Also, hypocritical but whatever :)

Oregon has been Scoring some actual summer-like weather this week. Last night we all wore shorts and sandals and walked to dinner and ice cream.

It feels so amazing to not be squinting through grey light and huddled inside against the rain/snow/cold. I don't even care who was blinded by my day-glo albino legs in cut offs! I care zero. I own one pair of shorts and I'll be putting them on daily (after work or whatever) for the next five months. Bam!

I have been Struggling with missing my out-of-state friends. I had a really amazing support network in New York of women I admired and we all lifted each other up and laughed big and often. I miss them and the energy I drew from being/working near them. And I had a really amazing couple of Tucson women who inspired and brought peace to me, plus good snacks and knitting. I miss them. And my three best friends in the world are all nowhere near me and I miss them. I've just been thinking about these gals a lot lately and kicking myself for not being better about picking up the stupid phone and calling. It's so easy to float from day to day sometimes. And there is a little posse of women here who I'd love to get that close with but it's like we're all in crazy busy places in our lives right now. I'm thankful for the occasional lunches we carve out for each other. Women get a bad reputation for drama and cattiness but the best women in my life have been nothing but amazing for me - we should all take more time to seek out those moments where we can support and motivate and inspire each other. Dudes, I'm a Hallmark card but for reals, high five your girlfriends today.

Hmmm, what have we been Losing? Beyond all the pieces to the board games, because Loretta loves to go all Johnny-Depp-in-a-hotel-room on our game cupboard, I can't think of much that we've been losing. Our winter blues? Our pot of really good lip balm from Anthropologie (true story, bummer). That's about it. I'd like to see myself losing a few hours at Buffalo Exchange sometime soon, my wardrobe could use a few new-to-me additions.

That was this week and here are next week's themes:
learning, wanting, enjoying, missing, playing 

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