"eat the french fry"

Ahhh, three day weekends are just what it's all about. We really should have more of them in all our lives.

Yesterday I got to spend a couple of solo hours with Loretta in the morning, running errands, and another couple of solo hours with her in the afternoon while the boys went to a Memorial Day party (that overlapped Loretta's nap).

We set up the wooden train tracks and set our one motorized train on the path - Loretta completely ignores the rest of the train cars, it's "Duncan" or nothing. It's funny how she plays trains so differently from Otto. She found a little plastic french fry and every time Duncan the train came around the corner she laid that little fry on the tracks and said, "eat the french fry." He'd power through, pushing the french fry a few inches before it fell off the track in front of him. Then he'd go around the big loop again and in the mean time Loretta would gather her french fry and wait for him to get close.

We fed that french fry to Duncan about 30 times in a row yesterday. Every single time she laughed. It was just fantastic.

At night, when she usually chooses a stuffed animal or a baby to bring to her crib, last night she chose a wooden Thomas train (Duncan had mysteriously disappeared on a high shelf by bedtime). Her heart is gold.

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