MC Do It My Way

I was realizing yesterday that Loretta will not let me just sing her a lullaby. That would be too easy :)

When Otto was little our jams were Carpenters songs (especially Close to You), 3 Little Birds with some custom lyric changes so that Otto Harold and other people we knew were often the ones "on my doorstep", and anything Renee and Jeremy. We were crooners and love songers and it was a very mellow lullaby situation. Enter my firecracker. All those above songs are still my favorite to sing to my babes. My short-range voice can manage them and I know all the words, and within a bar or two they're now always interrupted.

"No no no no no. Cookie song." This means shut up, Mom, and sing C is for Cookie to me eleven times in a row. She'll sing along. It's sweet.

"ABC ABC ABC!" means let's start singing the ABCs and maybe finish but at some point she'll probably interrupt to request the Cookie song.

Just like she insists on choosing her own pajamas, her own crayon colors, her own snacks from the snack basket, and brushing her own teeth. She's a funny bunny. She knows what she wants. She's a pickle. A pill. She throws little tantrums and gives the best kisses and hugs, fist bumps, and high fives.

I never stop being amazed by how different and individually magical these kiddos are. And I know Loretta's independence will be the source of some headaches and probably some blowouts in our house, there's no doubt. But I love her spirit so fiercely. She challenges me to do it her way and I find that her way is just fantastic. And I'll make a Carpenter fan of her yet.

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