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This week's themes: learning, wanting, enjoying, missing, playing

We have been Learning the Fifty Nifty United States. It has long been a parlor trick of mine that I can recite all 50 states in alphabetical order, singing-ish style ::bows to the left, bows to the right, does a jig dance:: and lately, actually with a recent roadtrip up to Portland, Otto has begun asking a lot of state-based questions. We've had a map in his room practically his whole life so we can point to Oregon and point to where most of our relatives are in Arizona, but now he's been asking things like, "Is Arizona in Oregon? Is Portland a state?" He wants to know more about the hierarchy of how it all works. Love it. So now we're singin' the states! And it turns out that my lack of tone and tune, plus only singing it to myself or drunk at parties for thirty years, has completely warped the song from its original (boring) version. We were singing it in the van on the way home yesterday, awesomesauce, then pulled it up on Youtube when we got home. Otto, "This is NOT the same song." Whatevs, child! Know your states!

The kids have been Wanting to eat dinner in the yard every day. I guess this means summer food needs to happen to our meal plan because I've been struggling to come up with anything that's edible on a blanket and also qualifies as dinner. We're currently fertilizing our grass with macaroni noodles, for example.

We were all Enjoying some of our oldest, dearest friends this past weekend during that overnight roadtrip. Rob's best childhood friend lives with his amazing wife and two kiddos, just a couple hours from us and it's stupid how rarely we see them. This is a crazy time of life, that's not much of an excuse but they're going through it too so we all forgive each other. Anyways, it was so awesome to see them and get our kids together. And randomly, since we all grew up in Phoenix-metro, one of my core life friends and his amazing fiance also live in Portland. So we got to brunch with them, and soak in their awesomeness, and the kids played drums and organ at their house. Just enjoying all over the place.

I have been Missing my evenings. This week for whatever reason, call it DMS or just being down (it happens to the best of us and I'm thinking of finding a therapist soon, does anyone have any great words of wisdom surrounding therapists because it's really scary to consider needing that but I think I do). Anyways, I've been going to bed at the kids' bedtime and sleeping through. Maybe it's just that I can finally catch up on the last two years of sleep; Loretta's been pretty awesome about sleeping through for about the past month, but even though getting sleep sleep sleep feels good, it also means outside of work and evenings with the kids I've had nothing else going on. Time to catch up on True Tori and some reading and some laundry, maybe tonight?

We have been Playing Disney songs on Pandora and romping in the backyard. Summer in Oregon really makes up for winter in Oregon. I'll say it. And this year the goal is to garden the shit out of our yard now that the kids can semi-entertain themselves out there. Pretty excited about my tomato starts; they're starting to get their second set of leaves! Time to re-pot and start hardening them off for the yard transplant in 2 weeks. Exciting!

That was this week and here are next week's themes:
wishing, celebrating, wasting, scratching, wearing 

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