I'm The Newest cupcakeMAG Cupcake, Cupcake! Plus a Headshot!

No, not body shots, a headshot! I'm so excited to share a sneak peak of my family's photoshoot with local photographer Michelle Rasmussen (aka Wondertime Photography). Michelle is one of my new favorite people and not just because she took a very over-tired, kinda shlubby mama who needs to dye her hair immediately (that would be me) and made her look vibrant and fun (don't you dare tell me if you disagree)...

For more sneak peeks from our shoot visit Michelle's blog.
Michelle is my kinda girl - cool and down to earth and a mom. If you are looking for an awesome Tucson family photographer, she's rad. That's a fact, Jack. And coming soon will be a post with lots and lots of pics from the photoshoot. Michelle has been kind enough to allow me to use a few on the blog (thank you, thank you, muchos thank yous!), so I will finally have real headshots & pics that I didn't take with my phone. Movin on UP! :)

::Drumroll:: so What's This cupcakeMAG Business, Cupcake?

Well.... I first heard of cupcakeMAG when I became active on Twitter this summer. Casi, cupcakeMAG's Editor, was tweeting it UP with Tori Spelling and I was like starstruck-by-association. Then I found out that two more of my favorite Tweeps, Jenny from Monkey-Toes Shoes and Tracy of SweetHarper fame (who I had bonded with over daydreams of swimming in dessert sprinkles) were cupcakeMAG contributing writers and I was like, "dude, this is a cool cool thing."

About a week ago I found out that cupcakeMAG was losing an intern and I contacted Casi begging to see if the intern position could be filled by a long-distance, very part time, only at nights, dorky Tucson mom who needs to dye her hair immediately. She said, "not really, but..." and the next thing I knew we were emailing back and forth and I was given the opportunity to contribute to the publication as a weekly-ish writer! ::Dies::

cupcakeMAG for Littles has this INSANE GIVEAWAY
for a Prince Lionhearts scooter going on right now, b the b.
So all in all I'm excited, which is why I'm awake at 2:15 in the morning. And without further ado, I'm going to finish my wine and go to bed. Please check out my cupcakeMAG bio! The picture should look familiar to you. :)



PoetessWug said...

I tweeted it, and then realized I could say it here! ...DUH!...^_^ Congratulations Lindsey!!! How cool is that!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!

Sweet Harper said...

That is fab news! Can't wait to read your posts. Muah!

OT and ET said...

Thank you guys! <3 <3 <3

Alana said...

Such great news! So happy for you! xo

OT and ET said...

<3 Alana! You're next!

Anonymous said...

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