Otto I'm Coming Home!

Hey guys. I've been taking a mini-hiatus from the blog the past few days to live it UP in New York City (work stuff, but the people I work with are the funnest people ever). It's been fast and furious and cold. I think I may have frostbite but whatever, that heals right? Anyways, I head home this afternoon and well, I'm just plain excited to get back to my boys! Looking forward to getting back on the blogwagon too. xo Hope y'all are having great weeks!


PoetessWug said...

So that's what you're up to!!! :-)) Well, I hope you had a good time.I'm hopeful that we'll hear some about it. Have a good rest of the day...Keep warm. It's been freezing here too!

OT and ET said...

Thanks, Ms. Wug! I have a fun one planned for tonight (I think, I hope). xoxo :)