Overwhelmed! Calgon? You out there?

Ring a jingle bell if you're also feeling a little overwhelmed about right now. I keep meaning to post blog updates but where's the time? Meanwhile, I'm getting nothing done on my to-do list and Christmas and Otto's 2nd birthday are both coming up within weeks. I'm just spinning out of control!

Calgon? Did you stop answering women's prayers in the 80s? Cause I could use you, dude.

Well I hope you're having a better time keeping your head on straight than this MILFATOP (haha Sarah).



Megan Hines said...

Wait...Christmas is coming up? Shit!

Jen said...

You actually had time to make a list?

OT and ET said...

Seriously, Meg, shit! I'm totally effed, no idea how we're going to make this happen. Jen - well - I have 4500 postit notes piled on my desk and a bunch of emails to myself. That counts as a list, right? Right?

Anonymous said...

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