Mission Craft-Possible: Quilted Bath Mat

Last night I ruined my bath mat in a scene that went something like this...

I was dying my tresses, drinking a lil wine, dreaming of being pretty, caution to the WIND! Then I looked down and "oops" errrrrrm.... bath mat prognosis: no bueno.

I'm also doing this Nothing New resolution this year and so far have been 100% successful! OR I would've just hop skipped to Target or Ross or something for a new super super cute one (sigh). Instead I put on my thinking cap, "Can one make a bath mat? Is this possible?" So then I went trolling on Etsy for ideas and look what I found!

I found the Etsy shop The Quiling Violionist . She makes all kinds of cute quilts, mats, mug rugs, etc. often using selvages. What an awesome idea! I snarled that I wouldn't be able to snatch up the above-shown Selvage Bath Mat. But I decided to play on this idea. I'm going to quilt together a simple little "mat" shape to go on top of the mat I ruined, then I'll just sew/tack it on top of the stainy one. Voila! Here are the fabrics I'm gonna use (from my 6' tall pile of surplus fabrics - yes, she has a problem ladies and gentlemen):

Cuteness, no? I'll keep you posted on this project. I'm gonna have to jam though because our bathmat in its current state is a hot mess!

Oh, ps. Speaking of dying these locks. I have a giveaway coming tomorrow from Lilla Rose. You'll see pics of my new, non-roots-to-the-extreme locks modeling hair sticks and then an opportunity to win any item of your choice from this hair & accessory site!

So, anyone wanna place bets on the success of my bath mat project? You should know I have like a 50/50 success rate on all craft attempts, ever. Although I do know how to machine-quilt.


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