dice dice dice... isn't that nice?

We invented a super easy little dice game that has been keeping Otto (and mama) pretty entertained lately and I thought I'd share. It's totally age-appropriate for Ot (who is almost 2 1/2) and is a way to work with numbers, patterns, sorting, etc. Plus it's fun!

Warning: This is sooo not one of those "oh my god the blogger did something really crafty and cute and it's an heirloom forever keepsake piece of crafty amazingness" posts (I'm not good for those very often). I guess if you crocheted the cards instead of making them out of paper? Ummm anyways... This is, in fact, a "throw it away do your part and recycle it when you're done" post --> as you'll see at the bottom of the post that's pretty much what we did. In short - It's just this fun, easy little game we made to engage with the kiddo.

dice dice dice!

1. After you make 6  playing cards as shown below (one for each side of the dice, I used 4x6 index cards) then you pick one card and roll the dice

2. Then together, look at what you rolled and find the ones that match the card.

3. Then either keep rolling the rest til it's all dice that match or what we do is... Otto really likes to manipulate the dice and find the right number. Then sit back and admire your work!

Easy peasy fun, right? Otto takes so much pride in the cards once we've "found" all the right dice. Here is a little graphic I did up so you can see how simple the cards are...

 Of course fun dice games can quickly turn into crafty sticker fun projects. ps. Check out Ot's milk-face, awww...

So sticker fun was fun too! And I can remake the cards again in two shakes whenever we want to play again.

What do you think? I love coming up with imaginative play and games like this. Do you guys have games like this that you play at home with your kids? If so, please share! We're always looking for new, easy fun learning games to play at home.


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