what he wore {a lil fashion shoot}

we did this little impromptu fashion shoot the other day to showcase my new favorite vintage kids find OF ALL TIME and some other sweet things...

i loved these pics so much i redid my header! look above, you'll see it - all new! now for more cuteness...

Ot's wearing top (my new favorite, from lil' peeps vintage) and bottoms (wonderboy).
Benji's wearing polka dot collar & matching leash (c/o dog collars boutique).

whoa, doggie! haha. he is so fun.

Anyways, I am so in love with this outfit on Otto that it's kind of making me crazy that he won't be able to wear it for months (arizona, summer, meh). I hope he doesn't outgrow the top by then or i will seriously be scowling in the cool Oregon breeze. Sidenote on Ot's pants: I won them! Won! From a giveaway on Baby Blackbird (check out yesterday's post here for more amazingness from this kids fashion blog).

Official verdict: Cuteness!

Benji there is sporting this cute polka dot collar/leash ensemble (ahem) that we are going to give to Harley, Otto's Nana's new golden retriever puppy.

If you are in the market for dog fashion items you might check this place out and you can use the code BLOG5 for 5% off your order of anything on the site.

Thanks for sharing in our lil fashion shoot! Makes me wish I had a "real" camera and the time (and money, sheesh) to do this kind of thing all the time! Oh well, once in a blue moon will have to do.  


Some more links to dog collars boutique: dog toys, retractable leashes, bling dog collars, dog id tags

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annie said...

adorable lindsey, you have a scrumptious little boy! i love those pants! we still have otto's valentine, and when we ask sebastian, "who gave you that card?" he says, "Otto". it's very cute!