{may flowers} Lil Boy Fashion Gone Floral...

I was just putting together some new posts for CupcakeMag --> ideas for floral fashions for chic mamas and their casas with the theme of may flowers. Then I thought how fun it would be to find flower-bedecked items for my metro-hipster boychild. I'd love (love love!) to put Otto in these petals...

{neckties ♥ by The Belle and The Beau Etsy shoppe}

{button-up and boots ♥ from PFI Westsern}
psssst. I want matching boots for mama!

{daisy belt ♥ by Old School Leather}
psssst. I want a matching belt for mama, too!

{many tees ♥ from Common Threads non-profit}
psssst. guess what? yep, wanted: matching tees for mama!

Anyways, Ottobot would look so sweet in may flowers! It's cute, edgy, and cool to mix it up a little. Not alllllllways put boys in sports, cars, sportscars, and dinosaurs driving digger trucks. What do you think? Agreed? Cute and cool?

Now to find these things at the thrift store, haha!


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