Parents of the Caribbean

I'm breaking my silence, yo! Sorry for the white noise. We've been off on vaca for the past week in Turks & Caicos (stayed at the Gansevoort, and holy gorgeous) while Otto stay-cationed with his grandparents. Me, now? I am well rested, well fed, rainforest showered, and my ruddy pink skin is now ruddier and pinker than ever!


ps. that picture is meant to be viewed while listening to Sade and sipping a mojito. Are you with me?

I have so much to say I don't even know where to start! It's taken me and my crackerjack phone alllll day to upload our pictures to Picasa and I'm too pooped to edit them or lucidly write a post. I missed Otto a LOT LOT LOT during this trip but it was also really good to just veg OUT for a few days and catch up on 2 1/2 years worth of lost sleep, haha. So anyways, I wanted to share a few more pic favorites and then I'll be back later this weekend with wordier stuff.

parents of the caribbean -->

You guys, for reals, this was heaven on earth. But just so you don't go off thinking I vacationed gracefully, check out what I spent all day Wednesday doing...

That's right, I spent a whole day in bed watching reality tv, drinking beer, and reading Washington A Life because ::drumroll:: allergic reaction to sunscreen! Hello hives...

Honestly though, chilling out with my itchy legs in a crisp hotel bed with a giant TV showing a Millionaire Matchmaker marathon, guzzling cold beers, and dozing with my GW biography does not a terrible day make! Happy hive mama, right here.

Also! While I was away Brandy from The Baby Blackbird and Alana from Life on the Mom List were going to guest post, but then blogger (they host this blog) crashed for a couple of days before we left & I couldn't schedule those posts. So stay tuned in the coming days for Brandy's amazing kiddo fashion stylings and a truly nommy looking recipe from Alana's family recipe box!


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