my husband is a technical wizard! he figured out that our internet wasn't uploading anything. which is why i thought picasa was being a d-bag yesterday. (a thousand apologies to picasa for ever doubting you.) then he fixed it tonight. hurray!

so anyways, baby bump in full effect. kachow!
so this post should more realistically be titled 36-240-50 but that sounded wayyyy less catchy. and there's nothing i can say about my outfit, hair, etc. soooo not proud! (in my defense it is mighty cold here and i can't button the buttons on my coat these days so it was squeeze-into-wool-sweater-or-freeze time on a lazy saturday when we really wanted to be outside enjoying the rare sunshine) in short --> don't judge. annnd anyway! this is just the only picture i have of the belly from the past month and my oh my how it's grown. egad i feel like a walrus lately. and the bootay is working hard to keep up with the belly. i think anyone who's ever been pregnant knows this feeling - just like feeling like your body is this big, alien thing all swollen and out of proportion and awkward. i'm not complaining, but that's honestly how i feel. but otherwise feeling really good these days. well, tired, but really pretty good...

8 weeks to go! omg omg omg omg omg. part of me can't wait and another part can't believe it'll be so soon.

it feels very unreal. i'm so excited and at the same time, way more scared this time than i ever was before Ot was born. life is about to get seriously shaken up!


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