planning the nursery

baby girl should be here in 6 short weeks, holy lord! but we won't be able to do a nursery for her until we move into a bigger space this summer. in the meantime she gets part of a corner of our bedroom and i'm going to do what i can to make it a special corner, but without going overboard decorating since it's just temporary (i'm thinking paper bunting, do you hate that idea?). anyways, in the mean time, i'm starting to think of what i'd like her room to be like once we do move. here are some sweet ideas that i've been liking lately...
i actually bought these vintage look hangers on ebay tonight, they're exactly what i was looking for (except i was hoping to get actual vintage ones but i kept getting outbid - jerks). anyways, i do love them! and my mom recently gave me several vintage baby girl dresses from her childhood that i also wore when i was a baby. they are so delicate and beautiful that outside of a photo shoot i don't think i'll put our little girl in them for daily wear. but they would be so pretty hanging on her wall on these hangers!
who knows what the windows will be like, so it's pointless to do anything but "window shop" (yuck yuck) for now but i do love both of these options from Land of Nod. sidenote --> stupid Land of Nod that sends me their stupid awesome catalogue full of awesome stupid things i want but can't really afford on every freaking page! the ruffle curtains attacked me from their spring catalogue and they honestly aren't that expensive, plus they are just so classic and pretty.
a friend at work showed me these chairs today on amazon and i fell madly in love. word is, they are "cheap" knockoffs of famous chairs, but they are still out of my buy-it-now pricerange. still i am keeping them in mind for the little lady's room. they have such great color and energy 
this one is harder to show, but my parents are giving me an old family dresser that is kind of similar to this one. i'd love to refinish it in white or pale yellow and switch out the hardware for any of these that i found on anthropologie. le sigh! how i love these pulls! especially the one in the top left.

i've had this kind of craft hoop wall installation on my radar for almost a year now (i first posted about it here) and really really really want to finally go for it in baby's room. for those of you who read harper's happenings, mandy did a really awesome version of this in her little girl's room. l o v e!

soooooo... that's what i've got so far. most of it is pretty doable, depending on the space. well those chairs are kind of crazy expensive for plastic chairs, but i really do love them so we'll see. and how i hope we end up with hardwood floors! our current place is carpeted (even in the freaking kitchen, what?!!) and i am just not a fan at all. i love a good rug, but carpet grosses me out. so fingers crossed!

and in the mean time i'll tidy up baby's semi-corner, get the bunting up (unless you hate that idea, anyone? opinions?) and snap some pics of the temporary space really soon. it's not much, but it will be organized and hopefully at least a little charming.


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