New Bump Shot (dun dun dunnnnnn)...

I miss blogging. Like a lot a lot. And tonight I had this big plan to upload 1 photo and do a little post. 1 measly photo! Big plan! But picasa is being a huge d-bag and won't let me. So I'll try again tomorrow. Because this bump of mine is pretty much outta control. I figure I showed the cute bump pic from a while back, it's time I fessed up to the less-cuteness that is going on these days. And also just want to get back in the blogging habit.

I miss y'all. Taking a blog break was wholly unplanned. It just kind of happened. I have excuses, but the truth is I just didn't have it in me for a while there. Wasn't feeling talky or charming or much of anything, just tired. The prospect of this new addition to our family has my worry wartness in full swing. My mind is a jumble of financial, time management and parenting worries these days. Boo. No fun. But I'm in the mood to be in a better mood and doing this blog was always something that helped me focus on the happy stuff. I need to get back to that. So hopefully picasa (stupid d-bag that it is, or maybe my cruddy laptop is the d-bag, whoooo knows) anyways hopefully tomorrow these technical difficulties go away and I can upload my "whoa yikes" bump pic on here. Fingers crossed.


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