all through the night

last night for the first time and tonight, hopefully, for the second time, Otto successfully slept through the night without a pull-up. no accidents! he's been sleeping through the night accident-free for a while now (about 2 months), but last night was our first night without a parachute, so to speak, and he handled it like a pro. of course he did, he takes these things very seriously ::said with a smile::

and of course i'm super proud of him and super happy about this. but at the same time? it's one more tie to his babyhood gone. sniff, sniff, cry me a river your kid didn't wet the bed. right? but for reals... he's 3 now. 3! Three. III. Tres anos. omffffffg.

And then today i am switching over from my old phone and uploaded almost 700 photos from the old one to my computer (i'm a huge slacker, what can i say) and going through the past 18 months or so of sucky phone pics (cuz my old phone sucked) reminds me that not too long ago AT ALL Otto was still totally a baby. and i'm feeling pretty emotional about it. he's growing up so fast. and i might just be sitting here crying. ugggh.

so without editing or anything, i thought i'd just share a few of my favorite phone pics i'm re-finding via this download here. from the past 18 months. in no particular order. of my baby. who'll always be my baby, even as he grows and grows and grows into the coolest little "guy" i've ever known.


annnnd poprocks!

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