all the small things

our weekend in a nutshell...
new helmet!

"old helmet" bit the dust on Friday. so errand #1 this weekend was get a new the world's freaking coolest helmet for morning bike rides with daddy-o to pre-school every day. success!
new braids and new bump shot!

ahhh, who am i kidding? milkmaid braids aren't new, but i kind of forgot how much i love them until this weekend. and while i was getting all semi-gussied to take Otto out for an oil change and helmet shopping i snapped this bump shot. question: how am i supposed to keep growing this child for another 7 weeks? mah belly is ridic people!

ps. and sorry for the toilet in the background but whatever, our bathroom is teeny tiny it was pic-with-toity or no pic a'tall.
new recipe!

we had a little dinner party saturday night (like 6 people came over, mind blowing. it has been ages and ages since anything like this has happened at our house). otto had a blast entertaining and i got the chance to try out 3 new recipes. the one above was an especially nice success because i've been wanting to add more beans into the rotation on our dinners menu. i'll try to do a recipe post later this week.

double bonus is that we were forced to clean the house saturday afternoon pre-dinner party. so my house is cleanish! i swear if no one ever came over our house would never get cleaned.
sunday with otto!

rob had a lot of school work to get done sunday so i took the wee one out of the house for a few hours to give dad some quiet work time. we ran errands, got lunch, checked out a resale kids' clothing store i've had my eye on for a while, and then got ice cream. i was really hoping the sun would last long enough for us to go to the park but it was kind of half drizzly, half cloudy, and windy all day. oh well. ice cream!

ot got these skinny jeans (Gap) from his nana for christmas. i can't stand them they're so freaking cute!  and in case you thought he was making dinosaur poses in the helmet pics because of the helmet, oh no, that's just the new pose...
it's also the "bad guy" pose.
 and that's all she wrote. hope you all had good weekends!


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Julie said...

Quite possibly The Best Dinosaur Face ever. :)