an inappropriate response

today while i was driving i pulled up at a stoplight next to one of these guys whose job it is to spin a sign for a business. not usually notable, unless they're really enthusiastic spinners, except this time the guy (who wasn't a very enthusiastic spinner) looked just like john c. reilly. uncanny.

which just made me laugh (not because he looked like JCR but because JCR is super-funny so seeing him pretty much doing anything would make me laugh). like this makes me laugh, a lot (enjoy).
bwahahahahaha! anyways... other than in my imagination, the spinning sign guy wasn't doing anything funny at all. and he looked right into my eyes while i was gleefully laughing right into his eyes, and for a second we were sharing a moment, or so i thought. just me and JCR having a fun old time. except nope. he then got all stone faced and totally skunk eyed me. lame!

but really i am lame for laughing into this poor guy's face. i am a psycho! i blame hormones. that's all. that's my whole story.



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