mama steez - out and about with the ottobot

yesterday ot and i got to have an all-out day out. we went thrifting (still haven't found any great thrift shops here in eugene, but determined to keep looking), out to lunch, then for a cookie, and then to the "fahncy" grocery. i cherish these times more than ever, knowing that in a few short weeks one-on-one time with my little ham will be harder and harder to come by. here's what we wore -->
on mama: headband (Target), sundress (thrifted), sweater (Lux thrifted), jeans (Motherhood), shoes (MadLove from DSW).

i have been wearing soooo many sun dresses and moo-moos as shirts lately.
on the ham: jacket and button-up (Baby Gap), shants (Le Top thrifted), baby legs (made by mama), shoes (Crocs).

the thrifting was pretty much a bust but we did find 2 new books for Ot and a cookbook for me. then it was lunchtime and unfortunately (for the health of my child) my turkey burger lust got the better of me so we were off to Carl's Jr. my child did not mind!
he was so excited that his "toy" was a book bag (for his new books). that made his bookworm mama pretty happy.
then, as if french fries weren't enough, we headed off to a cookie shop for dessert. i found out some friends of a friend own a little cookie shop right here in town. so random, the owners just moved from arizona to oregon in september. lucky for us because cookies are, well, cookies!
serious cooking chowing at crumb together (what a cute name, right?). meanwhile, my cookie was lonnnng gone.
then it was off to the grocery for loads of beans (if you read my previous post you're acquainted with my newly found bean "thing") and other groceries for the week. sidenote: whoever invented those car-in-the-front shopping carts should really stab themselves in the hand with a fork over and over again. impossible to steer! but whatever, it capped off otto's list of awesome doings for the day.
now it's sunday! a whole 'nother weekend day to fill. i think we're baking an apple cake this morning and then i have a hot date with a bunch of laundry. what's everyone else up to? 

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