Cousin Madness!

what a great past few days it has been. rob's parents, sister, and her two boys have been staying with us and it has been Cousin Madness! our sweet nephew Kace is only a couple months older than Loretta and they. are. in. love.

Otto and his cousin Kingston are 18 months apart which seems less and less as time goes by. these two are squabbling buds: fighting over tow maters, holding hands, and promising to be a lot of trouble for their poor old parents someday. a couple of loose cannons! and the good looks on these two! i tell you, we are doomed.

soooooo... with this many munchkins in the house we haven't been too ambitious in our outings. instead, it's been lots of going to the park, picnicking, annie's mac & cheese dinners (with secret peas), and everyone smelling like spit up. hurray for Cousin Madness!
i'm just going to once again announce my all-for-little-boys-in-tank-tops opinion. all for! if you disagree then your eyes are broken. get them fixed.

i only wish we lived closer to these guys. my dream is for Otto and Etta to grow up super close to their cousins and hopefully in a few years that will be a fact, jack (as Ot would say) and in the mean time, i'm just so happy to see them getting to know each other and becoming buddies. we'll be visiting AZ at christmastime and having four kiddos under four on christmas morning might just explode my brain from super sentimental amazingness. mmmmmyup. that's pretty much guaranteed.

tomorrow we head to the coast. so pretty! so cold! i can't wait. there is this little ice cream shop on the way to the beach we usually go to and it's real, homemade ice cream with like fifty flavors. so there will be that. and in the evenings i can always count on my sister-in-law to have a pyramid apricot ale with me. so there will be that. and Otto basking in the love of his nana, papa, aunt, and cousins is like the best thing on the planet. so there will be that. all great stuff!

one thing though, i am pooped. tired! and smelly. haha. so off to bed i go. goodnight :) hope your summer vacations are treating you just as nicely as ours is. xo

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