music soothes the savage baby

Loretta has been teething lately (with one little pearly white guy peeking up on the bottom right already!) and it has been a little rough around these parts. she's a great natured little gal but also a grumbler and a grouse. girl likes to air her grievances! which - who can blame her? i'm sure teething is incredibly uncomfortable and she has no idea what's going on.

we've found with Loretta that her first instinct when she is unsatisfied with life in any way is to eat eat eat. this is ok by me; i love nursing and soothing her is always a bonding moment that i treasure. however, with all the teething action happening in her mouth, it's just impossible to let her nurse 24/7. not that she doesn't try! but that kind of ultra-nursing also leads to more spit-up which is just. blech. just a mess and smelly and also probably not so great for baby's tummy to be binging all day long.

when we know she's full and exhausted and she just won't sleep because she is "awake baby" and fights sleep like nothing i've ever seen, well then it's time to break out the mellow songs playlist. swaying to some smooth tunes really calms her down and lets her unwind and fall asleep. i wanted to share our playlist from last night which was a pretty rough night. i thought this might be helpful for other moms who are at a loss for what songs to play for their little ones. here are our lullaby songs from last night that worked like a charm (links are to YouTube):

Lumineers Ho Hey
Fiona Apple Across the Universe
Aimee Mann Save Me
George Michael Careless Whisper
Carpenters Superstar
Elliot Smith Say Yes
Renee & Jeremy It's a Big World (get ready to cry, mama)

one of my best friends, Kate, burned a Renee & Jeremy cd for me when Otto was born and i just love her and them. but the tears! the tears! maybe i am just an emotional puddle. ok i AM just an emotional puddle. but something about their songs always does me in. tears tears tears. but i love them so so much.

i hope these links come in handy for some of you. they are all legitimately great songs, but as bonus they are mellow and sway-able (great when swaying a grousey little baby) and nice to sing along to.

little miss is sleeping right now and we are having a very low-key weekend as Otto had his first fever since HE was a teething baby. 101.8' at its peak. that started on Thursday and as-of yesterday it was finally gone all day right up til bedtime when it resurfaced. so we are letting him guzzle pedialyte (which is the tastiest thing he's ever been let to drink, i hear, from him) and lounging around the house watching Olympics and playing legos.
i really love the Olympics. and taking a weekend to do very little is kind of enjoyable despite the teething-for-one and fever-for-the-other circumstances. yep, i'm kind of enjoying my kids illnesses :/ hope your kids aren't sick but that you are enjoying your weekends as well. and if you have any songs that you go-to for lullabys please let me know i have a feeling i'll be in the market!

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