Oregon's Enchanted Forest

we met up with our much-loved, much-missed Portland friends at The Enchanted Forest a weird/awesome theme park nestled nicely in between Eugene and PDX. Otto had the time of his life, and so did the rest of us.we went on rides. stepped inside our favorite fairy tales and nursery rhymes. were wowed by animatronics. ate ate ate! including some legit lemon meringue ice cream. and the laser light show was one of the sincerest things i have ever seen. more sincere than the Charles in Charge theme song. as if that were possible. in short: it was a stupendous day!

my gorgeous girls Loretta and Sarah getting photo-bombed :)
falling down the hill jack and jill style with my cutie
 there was a crooked Otto
love these people!

just when you think Oregon can't get any more Oregon-y you are wrong because it is the neverending story of Oregon-y-ness. and that ain't a bad thing! if only the summer weather lasted forever.

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