oceans and plastic pools

last week when our family was visiting we had some really perfect days. smiling kids running in sunshine from morning to night. one was a daytrip to the coast. the following day we just made homemade ice cream sandwiches (//robot voice// "cannot stop making the good sandwiches") and played in the kiddie pool. god bless summertime and cousins! and now,  i will dump-a the good times summer love photos:

it is windy and cold as f&ck on the oregon coast but also --> magic. in other magic news, see 'pool day' -->
on a little sidenote i just want to point out my super cutoffs. you are witnessing my only shorts i own and they are fugly and i LOVE them! i only wear them on the summery-est of days and when i do i just feel like a big, relaxed summery summertimer. like i just wanna put them on and curl up in a hammock with a tuna salad sandwich and fifteen Star magazines and a beer-hat loaded with mimosas.

Loretta in a swim suit also wins some kind of prize for The Greatest Thing That Ever Happened Ever. Ever.


her little swimsuit with the rosettes is Circo from Target. i think it cost $12 or something ridiculously affordable like that. TGTTEHE.E.E!

ok, well i'm off to watch Louie and  Newsroom with Rob. Breaking Bad started up again Sunday! it's like a tv party at my house. i'm five minutes away from drinking night coffee and basking in the warm glow of the boob tube. yay for that and oceans and plastic pools. summa summa summatime :)

ps. yesterday i was guest posting at Musings of a Manic Mama since Rebecca's on double vacation. a little easy craft/learning project for the kiddos that we've been doing around my house lately. so you should check it out and Rebecca's blog. she's a rad chick!

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