just this minute

just this minute Otto is sleeping in a pile of books in his bed (he doesn't join us in the "family bed" til around 1am most nights) with visions of Ralph S. Mouse riding a motorcycle probably dancing in his head. at bedtime tonight i told him that my favorite part of the day was when i was laying on the floor nursing Loretta while he was doing flashcards with Daddy on the couch next to us. he said, "i don't have to tell you my favorite part because it's the same thing." well he was probably just lying to be lazy since he did go on a field trip to the nature museum today but i don't care, that bedtime declaration freaking made my day.

just this minute Loretta is sleeping in her bassinet about four feet away from me. i'm drinking night coffee, eating some oatmeal banana bread (i wasn't kidding when i said we've been making it nonstop. never stopping!), and just feeling kind of mellow and peaceful. i wanted to share a few things that are making me smile tonight...
i won an instagram giveaway from bebehblog <-- --> a little "i heart gingers" pin came in the mail today and totally undid a frown i was making because i hit a parked truck in a parking lot on the way home from work this afternoon. i don't usually drive home through parking lots but a really neat sofa caught my eye in front of the St. Vinnie's and i pulled in to check it out. up close i realized it was a tiny loveseat and we are in the market for a full sized couch so i decided against and was zipping out of there to get to the babysitter's on time and so the fastest way to leave a parking lot is obviously to smash through all the other cars and then stick around passing your insurance information around. obviously.

funnily enough i'm not even obsessing over the damage to my bumper, how stupid it was of me to hit a parked truck (no should drive van into truck duh), or the cost of fixing my van (his truck was unscathed luckily!)... i'm just kind of whatever about the whole thing.

but i WAS frowning and then i got my little pin and it just kind of turned my afternoon around. thanks Suzanne! i hope Loretta turns out to be a ginger! what little hair she has sure is looking strawberry blondish

then, with my frown turned upside down, we had a really great evening. bedtime was by the book. once Otto was asleep i cut myself a little piece of banana bread and put it on this nice plate i thrifted ($0.49) last weekend. brewed a little coffee. and now i'm about to snuggle up under this so-great-rainbow afghan that i also thrifted last weekend ($4.00) and delve into book three of the Fifty Shades series.

kind of a great evening. now to not vomit every time Ms. Steele talks about her inner goddess :) xo

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