fritter brain, pixie cut, saturday stuff, we all wore clothes!

on Sunday i referred to doughnuts as "fritters" and described a song to Rob as "you know, real groovy" (to which he replied, "what is wrong with you?") so yeah, i'm 134 years old and if i can cut a rug to a song then by darn it's groovy in my book. lots of saturday stuff happened saturday. i got a haircut. Otto had his first slumber party (awwwwww lil guy stuff). first though, we went to Trader Joe's and for the occasion Ot dressed himself. this warrants a [pause for effect] ok you can look now.
 for. the. love! he was the best thing Trader Joe's had ever seen.
cap handmade by a family friend
necklace vintage thrifted
tank Old Navy thrifted
shorts Target
socks H&M
comfortable shoes vintage thrifted

then it was home and naps and around 5 our friend Hazel came over for Otto's first non-family sleepover. kind of a big deal! we started the night by taking the kids to the park to tire them out. for the record, Loretta is a big bald beauty.
tee Henri and Flora (an Otto hand-me-down)
pants broken tricycle via zulily
close-up on the new 'do. it's so weird to me that this time last year it was nearly all the way down my back. and i do miss big-ass buns, i really do! but something about having a baby just made me want, more like need - deep down in my soul - to cut it all off. and then once it was semi-short, i just felt compelled to go the rest of the way. who has time for hair? right?! right! down with hair!
tank Old Navy like 5 years ago
shrug TJ Maxx
jeans Massimo at Target
flip flops Target 
goofballs :) after the park we blew up the air mattress and put it down in the living room, ordered a pizza, and watched Milo and Otis. that movie! i hadn't seen it in like 20 years. amazing. for reals if you are like me and super weird about letting your kids watch ANYTHING because EVERYTHING has inappropriate levels of roughness, nastiness, and sauciness, well you go ahead and show your kids M&O it's just a pure delight, so funny, so sweet, and you get to see kitten birth and puppy birth.

bedtime was pretty freaking cute. there was some bickering over who got to snuggle what stuffed animal but otherwise just all good times and everyone small was asleep by 9pm.
i thought this was pretty adorable. "things that happen when a girl spends the night" and yes those are my ham feet photobombing the cute shot :/

so that was how we Stepped Out on Saturday i'm linking up at The Haps. Sunday was a whole 'nother adventure that i'm going to try to post tomorrow. a really great weekend but zoo bisou bisou am i tired. gerrrum.

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