"i know 141 cheetahs"

sometimes when you're kicked awake at 6am on a saturday you feel the need to wake up sour, scowl into your coffee (don't even drink it, just scowl really hard for like a full two minutes), and wallow in bitchiness for just a leeeeetle while. but then the kicker turns out to be the nicest little fellow who is just SO OVERJOYED that you're awake and starts chatting you up the second your eyes open. like for instance this guy.
and then that little lady, all poured into her plum pajamas (kicky pants if you were curious) like a squishy little squish angel, well she's just an added bonus. happy saturday morning.

i read this post yesterday over at The Good Life and was reminded how much i love Stasha. she wrote it before the horrible shooting in Denver and i read it after and it felt even more relevant in light of those awful, unthinkable events. cherish every moment people! cherish your children. love them to pieces. let them kick you awake at 6am and you be nice about it. laugh at their jokes. even if they tell the same fart-sound knock knock joke twelve thousand times a day. smile at their showing-off. pay attention when they're talking to you. put down your phone! seriously if i'm at the park and see another parent with their face buried in their phone while their four year old is yelling "look at me!" i will explode. or cry. what is wrong with people?! pick your kids up in a giant bear hug and tell them, "i love you more than anything in the whole wide world." even if they don't want to be picked up! even if they're squirming and trying to run away. just say, "i just love you so much i seriously have to hug you for like two minutes right now you wonderful wonderful thing so just give into the hug, stop struggling, i'll be done in a sec."

then set them about cleaning their room so you can quietly wake up with your coffee <-- me, now.

Otto just came in to tell me, "i know a cheetah. actually i know a lot about cheetahs." and i said, "you do? did you learn about cheetahs at school?" and he said, "NO I KNOW A CHEETAH. i know 141 cheetahs."

oh, ok. i seriously have to hug you for like two minutes right now you wonderful wonderful thing.

update: i have never done this before, but i'm entering the above photo in The Paper Mama photo challenge because the topic is "Story" and i think this picture tells the story better than my words ever could. I hope she doesn't skunk eye me for submitting an instagram pic :)

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