A Kung Fu Werewolf and Grumpy Bunny

Another Halloween has come and gone. We had the funnest night with the kids. Otto was a ninja kung fu werewolf and Etta a very reluctant little black bunny. She did not want to wear her ears, not for a minute. But then when she saw all the kids trick-or-treating, she did want to be right in the mix so she would say, "tri tree hat hat!" and we would put her ears on and walk her up to the door... that's about as far as it got. She tried about seven houses and ended up with four pieces of candy in her beloved bat purse (a gift from her wonderful babysitter). Otto, on the other hand, filled his bucket and would have stayed out all night.

I think Otto's epic costume may go down in history, at least in our family. I really couldn't stop smiling at him all night. And I was proud of Etta for fearlessly jumping in with the big kids, even though of course she was a pain in the ass and wouldn't wear her hat. To me, Halloween is the holiday that kicks off the best time of year. I hope you all had really wonderful ones too.

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