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Craving silence. I think the injection of candy into Otto's life (because Halloween) has exponentially increased the noise/chaos level in my house and I am craving me some Stepford children. Yesterday while I was making dinner and Otto was ninja-ing his way around the house screaming and swashbuckling I turned to find Etta standing right behind me, arms at her sides, quietly watching me, right on top of a Radio Flyer retro rocket. Ha! Straight out of Poltergeist. I laughed and put her down, went back to cooking, Otto still bee-bopping around loudly... turn around again, Etta has markered an entire cupboard door. Amazing.  

Waiting for a little funk I've been having to go away. I hate this funk business... I'm going to read Lean In as part of a book club I'm starting with Katherine and I'm hoping that reading this book and other books where I can take away some kind of inspiration to apply to how I deal with being a full time marketing executive (it sounds so fancy, but it just is what it is and instead of being self-deprecating about the fact that I have an amazing career I need to start owning it, hopefully Lean In helps) and a mom to two amazing kiddos and also just a human who wants a little piece of "me" to shine through all the other priorities... anyways I am hoping to find some nuggets to apply to my life and also excited for the opportunity to meet and chat about the book with other ladies. We are announcing the book club tomorrow, it's going to be a "closed" facebook group so that anyone who wants to join can find it and request to join, but only members can see the posts/discussions. If you are interested let me know; we'd love to have you.   

Remembering that it takes a lot of work to get my hair blonde. Whenever I'm in a funk I have this instinct to drastically change my hair, what is that? But then I played it safe with the box I bought. Anyways, the picture above is basically the before and after shot. But I got another box, this one with peroxide, and I am hopefully going to have an opportunity to try again this weekend. Wish me luck, I have a messy head of longish blonde hair in mind and hope I don't end up melting my hair off or turning it orange. Fingers crossed since I'm too cheap and don't feel like making time to go to a salon. At home hair adventures are more exciting anyway!

Liking the show Black List. It's so-bad-it's-good. James Spader remains my lifelong boyfriend. I've loved him since Pretty in Pink (FACT: Steph from Pretty in Pink and all Christian Bale characters except American Psycho or the emaciated ones have an open invitation to be mean to me). Meow bad boys.

Cooking my first successful chili this week! I modified this recipe with additional veggies but no jalapenos (for the kids) and managed a completely organic green chicken chili that was excellent and converted to delicious enchiladas as well.
That was this week. Here are next week's themes: 
wishing, typing, moving, thinking, laughing 

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