time makes you bolder

Somewhere between being a very bold and fearless child and the woman I am today I think I grew timid. Maybe there's a better word for it. I'm strong; I know I am. I'm opinionated and I'm stubborn and these are things I like about myself. But I'm also careful. A planner. A list checker-offer and a cautious decision maker. I'm a lot of things, sometimes even the life of the party (maybe) but I'm no wild child and it's been a long time since I was unbridled in any way or form. But I once was. I'm told I was a serious little pistol. And so is this little button. She is intense to the point of shaking, throws herself to the ground in anguish several times a day, and knows what she wants without doubt or hesitation, then demands demands demands whatever that thing is until... something happens. She either gets what she wants or explodes into histrionics or simply moves on to some other thing. I love to watch her just be her. She is amazing. I take notes. She inspires me. Both of my kids do. This one, she inspires me to let that inner fire out, to be bold, to go after what I want. Isn't that amazing, how she can teach me to be a truer person while I'm working so hard to teach her things like patience and ease. I just think that's amazing.

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