the ladies who book club

You are invited to join our newly launched virtual book club that is intended for ladies who are interested in reading a little, inspiring each other, discussing their thoughts, and socializing online since we all live a bazillion lightyears apart from each other plus who has time to socialize in person anyways?

Details below but first I just want to moon over the amazingness that is internet friends... I have met some of the most important women in my life through this little blog. Katherine is one of them, she lives about twenty minutes away and our kids are obsessed with each other, but we "met" before I ever lived in Oregon. We met via the blogosphere (yes computer "add to dictionary" for lack of a cooler word) and because of Katherine I was able to move across country two years ago, from Tucson to Eugene, a city I'd never even visited, and feel like I had a friend in town right away.

Because of the blogosphere I can basically talk to people I love and care about, who make me laugh and inspire me to be a better mother, professional, and just plain human, any time of day or night. Anyways, that is what this book club is about. For those who are interested, we're going to read one book at a time (we're starting with Lean In and will then vote together on the next book and so on...) and add another level of things we have in common... book reading. I am so excited about this little group. Please join in, if you've already read Lean In feel free to chime in as we open up discussions chapter-by-chapter each week (starting Monday 18 November) and if you aren't interested in Lean In just wait it out and join in for a future book. Whatever you like, it's a casual group of ladies who book club.  


Details: ladies who book club is a “closed group” on facebook. Between now and Monday 18 November book club members will be introducing themselves and reading the first chapter. On the 18th we will open things up for discussion on Chapter 1. We’ll tackle one chapter a week and use the group wall to open up discussions, inviting other members to join in by either commenting on a thread started by Katherine or myself or start their own discussion point. Each week following we will begin discussion on a new chapter. Our plan is to keep things pretty free form. Everyone will likely have a different take on what they’re reading based on where they are in their lives and careers. More than anything we just want to provide a place we can freely discuss the book and how we can apply the principles in our lives. Sound like something you need in your life right now? If you want to join us in reading Lean In, just click here and request to join!

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