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I don't know about you guys, but I have a bottomless to-do list that kind of defines my every action on the weekends. Any and everything I want to get done for and around my house goes on the list throughout the week and then I wake up bright and early on Saturday morning and start plowing through the list, feeling like a badass, and getting energized by gettin-stuff-dun and crossin-stuff-off. It's pretty much how I stay not overwhelmed by... everything.

So yesterday started off a-ok. We did our Target errands and got a couple of packages put together for Monday's mail and I paid bills, all before 11am! We went to a playdate and came home for lunch and then my head fell off and I died.

Not my proudest afternoon, I think I actually barked at my children. I did not leave the couch. I gargled whiskey and let Rob feed us all frozen pizza (thank you, honey, that was awesome of you) and then I threw up my pizza and made out with my shiatsu back pillow and for the first time in her life I slept through one of Etta's midnight wakeups (I woke up at the tail end of it and Rob was like negotiating with her, "you have been awake for 45 minutes please please please go night night?").

Wha happen? I dunno. I feel ok now but my weekend is thrown. The house looks a mess. On the bright side, my hair looks weirdly good like those white-girls-with-dreads girls I always see and think, "she is so cool; I bet she surfs." Alas, my big plans to have a breakfast feast today and take pics of some amazing nut butters and hot sauces by Frankie V's Kitchen have been pushed back to next weekend. As have quite a few other things on the to-do list and I'm having pre-anxiety about it but you know what.

Tears in a bucket, mother-Eff it. Moms get sick sometimes too and I can't be sick tomorrow, it's a big day at work, so I'm laying low today. Bustin out the slippers that vaguely resemble Uggs as shoes. If I can manage to get the grocery shopping done I'm calling it a success. Let the world assume I surf. xo

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