breakfast for dinner

One of our favorite meals lately is breakfast for dinner. Usually we keep it really simple but this Sunday we did a version of eggs benedict that has me thinking eggs benny will be the new dinner/breakfast norm.

I am a terrible egg cook (truth) BUT this messy kind of recipe hides that nicely. The kids aren't really into the heaped-and-savory version so instead of eggs benedict they had pumpkin butter, bananas, and a little blueberry syrup on their english muffins with eggs (cooked terribly), tomatoes, and morningstar sausage on the side. Tater tots are mandatory! And on the grown-ups' plates I like to pile everything high and then do hollandaise sauce as the finishing touch (with a little hot sauce to top it off).

The meal itself sometimes feels like the least of the experience around here. I snack my way through cooking and we listen to music and dance and the kids run in and out of the kitchen all the while. Loretta demands 1,000 snacks and gets into everything and gets pretty upset when asked to wait, even for a minute, so that means a tantrum here and there and throwing snacks at her - whatever the yeller wants! - so I can get back to dinner cooking. After dinner we all kind of sing and dance and get in Rob's way while he does dishes and cleans up. Loretta loves helping to clean up almost as much as she loves dragging things all over the place. When that quiets down it's bathtime for the kiddos and then bed. What a whirlwind.

The raw pumpkin seed butter and wasabi green thai chili sauce pictured here are c/o Frankie V's Kitchen. Thank you, FVK! The pumpkin seed butter is Otto's new favorite for pb&j (see that still works) and the hot sauce is amazing. I am hoarding it all for myself! Frankie V's Kitchen is a local business out of Dallas, TX they use fresh, high quality ingredients, much of it organic, local when they can, and 100% all natural, Texas Style.

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