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This week's themes: declaring, saving, demolishing, sniffing, despising

After a few weeks hiatus, Randalin is back to co-hosting! Thanks so much to Kate of Just Pirouette & Carry On and Colleen of Mommy Panda for rocking the cat's paw as co-hosts while Miss R was taking some time to snuggle on her newest little love, Beatrix.

This week we have been... Declaring that things are gonna get easier; things are gonna get brighter. It's been tough lately. I've been feeling really down and not myself and ungrounded. Anyways, enough about that. I kind of came to a few realizations in the past few days. The first is that it's ok to feel whatever I'm feeling. When my kids are sad, I never ever say, "suck it up; feel good; don't be broken." So why do that to myself? Dumb. I say, "I know you feel frustrated, it's ok to cry and then we'll figure it out." So I let myself cry. I am SO GLAD I took a few hours from my normal schedule to be alone because sneak-crying in the bathroom with the shower running feels way more tragic than power-crying while cleaning with Smashing Pumpkins blasting. That felt cathartic.

I also realized that if I don't want to feel so low anymore I'm gonna need to make some attitude adjustments in myself. A dear friend sent me this link to this awesome TED talk that really kind of kicked my ass. Everyone in the world should watch this (I ugly cried, I laugh cried, I laughy laughed, I nodded, so many reactions!) and then try this 21 day challenge. I know I need to rewire myself a little, because when I look at my life from the outside, or look at the goals I've set for myself and accomplished, it feels a lot less tragic and a lot more amazing.

Finally, I realized I am an animal. This winter has literally been a torture to my system. My skin is paper thin and wrecked. My bones hurt. I feel weak. I've been bruising super easy. Just yuck on my body. And when you look and feel like poop... well you just feel like poop. Anyways, I am likely missing a few key nutrients. Vitamin D, therefore calcium, and likely iron. So I'm just going to make a point of taking in more of these nutrients and well, I mean fuck, haha, if I do all of the above and I still feel like garbage then it's honestly time for a therapist. And if that's the case I'm pretty much going to be fine with that. To be continued...

Saving up all my thoughts for Declaring apparently. I do declare.

Otto and Loretta have been Demolishing food. Two growing kiddos. It's actually awesome. We made spaghetti last night and ate almost all the pasta and it was one of those Costco giant tubes that always make me smile because they're Garofalo like my first girl crush Janeane. That's a lot of pasta, people. Otto had two full-on bowls, double what I ate. Loretta, pain in the ass that she is, ate a full bowl but required me to entice her to eat every bite in an Elmo voice saying things like, "Ehhhlmo thinks this bite is a baby, wah, shhhh, the baby is taking a nap, open your mouth and eat the baby!"

Sniffling (ok I changed that from sniffing) a little that Et's 2nd birthday is Sunday. How did this happen? Here's a little delightful truffle shuffle she did the other day to her singing birthday card. What an epic little girl.

Otto has been Despising the wait til his Nana and Papa arrive for a visit. Every day we check the calendar and he sighs in disappointment that he has to wait more days. He's been getting up earlier and earlier every day in anticipation (joy!) and I'm happy to say they arrive today so he can calm it down already.

That was this week and here are next week's themes:
hoping, wondering, working, wearing, eating 

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