three gratitudes, 4

It's 7:15 on a Sunday morning and thank the stars in the sky, Loretta is still upstairs asleep! I'm grateful for this quiet time, that I got to sleep in until 6 and still have a full hour to do bills and drink coffee and listen to Otto in the other room, belting his heart out to the Frozen soundtrack. I'm grateful for weekends. And right now I'm grateful for the little fellow in the room next to me, who had me laughing so hard while he gave me a load of shit last night because he beat me at bowling. I'm like, "Dude, you had the bumpers up." But he wasn't hearing it. He was like, "Oh yeah, Mommy, sure you're good at bowling, keep telling yourself that." I suppose the goal is to raise them with loads of self-confidence, hearts of gold, and an ironic wit. So it's like check, mumble-mumble-when-it-comes-to-bowling, check.

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