yard kids

Last weekend, with Nana and Papa's help, we turned a sandbox into a garden for the kids. This weekend the kiddos went to work planting pansies and mums (I think) in their little garden box along with other yard activities that have all warmed my cold, dead Oregon wintered heart. Otto peed in the grass. THAT IS WHAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT. Loretta got angry at dirt she threw in her own face. That's my girl. The grownups had a beer and mowed and I turned up a 5' x 4' patch of yard for future gardening. I'll be starting my seeds this week and so cleared out a shelf in the laundry room to get those guys going. Can't wait to see the little sprouts start coming up. Beets and tomatoes and all kinds of veggie goodness. Also? I am hard-core dreaming about a worm composter. But who isn't?

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