three gratitudes, 3

I am grateful for meal planning. We got back on the meal planning track this past weekend and it makes such a huge difference in how much you spend at the grocery (less!), what you eat during the week (just better stuff!), and the daily anxiety of figuring out what to make for dinner (basically gone!). All hail Pinterest for inspiring recipes. This week we're having veggie cheese soup with homemade bread, tacos, homemade pizza, ravioli with sundried tomatoes, and breakfast for dinner. Then one night we're having dinner at a friend's and another night we'll either order out or do macaroni & hot dogs because they can't all be winners! And then OK, speaking of spending at the grocery, I am grateful for a growing boy who has started eating us out of house and home. It's actually kind of darling how much this child can wolf down. Annnnnnd, finally I'm grateful for a husband who doesn't hold it against me that at least twice a week I'm gonna pass out at 7pm during Otto's bedtime and binge-sleep til morning. I wake up around 4:30 most days and getting 6 hours most nights is fine but sometimes you just gotta jam out some Zzzzzz's.

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