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This week's themes: facing, snapping, counting, loving, hopping

This week we have been... Facing! ::does air guitar:: Oh, facing is a cool verb I use that means your face is full of twitches. Party time. Three simultaneous face twitches yesterday (eye, eyebrow, upper lip) UGH!

I have a goal of Snapping more photos. We were on a roll there for awhile but I think winter just ruined me this year and I rolled up like a potato bug and just waited to do anything til the sun came out. It's out-ish now (ok it's been cold and rainy again but we all at least have hope now) and I'm looking forward to more outside time, some projects, and snapping more photos on my actual camera.

This one's from my phone but still, LOOK, LOOK LOOK LOOK, sunshine and ice cream! The winter does end. Thank freaking goodness.

Loretta has been Counting to ten. Amazing! Obviously I spend a lot of time wondering how BOTH of my kids are going to become famous artists AND the President of the United States... it's nice to see them off on the right path early, geniuses, ha. Loretta can identify two of anything (just try her, two is her jam!) and count to ten on her fingers but it's a pretty sloppy little count with lots of too many and not enough fingers involved, and skipping four. Pretty much the best.

Last night we were Loving this green bean recipe. If you don't know what to do with a giant fresh pile of green beans, this may be it. Quick, easy, and so good.

and we've been Hopping to make plans (yikes, that's a stretch) to move Otto from a shared bedroom with Loretta (which he only uses for clothes storage since he sleeps with us at night) into his own room, probably this weekend. We don't expect him to just fast-transition to sleeping in his own bed again or anything, but he's made it known that he's ready for his own space where he can set up some of his "choking hazard" toys and plug in his Darth Vader nightlight and just big-boy around. I'm excited for him and for the shopping trip to thrift/antique stores we have planned for this weekend to get him his own dresser.

That was this week and here are next week's themes:
reading, feeling, racing, using, smelling 

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