target made me...

target actually made me go on a target shopping spree. what a wonderful world.... kinda sorta. they sent me a blackmail letter saying that if i didn't use my target visa in the next 30 days they'd close it (because i haven't used it in a year). dear target, ummm, that was actually by design, see i'm trying to clean up our credit... but, if you insist...
so the plan was to buy summer dresses and cardigans that would work as maternity shirts and cardigans for now... and then actually turn back into summer dresses and cardigans after the baby comes. above picture is just what i wore today, yep, i'm secretly a bad news bear.
a bad news bear who shops in her house slippers and finds herself trapped in a 4' x 4' dressing room with a small, adorable spazz!
i have never had more fun trying clothes on in my life! and NOT because it's super fun to look like a circus tent. my kid = rad. all i gotta say. ps. cute "shirt" right?
so then spazzy weirdo starts playing with my tshirt. because that's fun.
oh, and i got a jacket too! my boss came to work in a 10,000x cuter (but kinda similar) jacket on friday and got me all jacket lustin'. and even though i can't button this guy, it's really super cute. plus the whole target blackmail thing, i HAD TO.
so the frontal view on this yellow "shirt" is maybe not the world's cutest. my belly button is beyond out of control this go around. i blame the gall bladder surgery, it left my bb pretty much deformed and then when it popped out it popped out in a really major way + crooked = embarrassing, for reals, but what can you do? answer: accentuate that sh*t, that's what!
wild thing. i think i love you! but i wanna knowwww for sure. come here, toss my tshirt around a while. wild thing, i love you.
ps. of all the spreeing we did today, this one, for whatever reason, kinda made me the happiest...
hope everyone's having equally delightful weekends. superbowl plans? and by that i mean what are you eating??? i am most excited for zebra cakes! and potato chip cookies a friend is bringing over. i don't know what it means, but it sounds amaaaaazing!

ps. i'm only feeling the wee'est bit guilty about the target spree. because truth is??? so irresponsible! we're trying to not spend right now. errrrk. but i really want to keep my target card, is the thing. i've had it since i was 19. that's 15 years people! i loooove my target card. it's really pretty. ok, i know that's dumb but i don't care. so now i'll tuck it away again and pay this off in the next few months and have a couple more things to wear for the next 5 weeks (which brings the number of things i can wear as shirts right now up to 7, so pathetic)...
otto, by the way, is the wind beneath my wings. i just can't even say how much sunshine he brings into my heart. what a weird little wonderful dude i'm raising. i hope - every single day - that i can be deserving of his awesomeness and be a good mom. i hope when baby comes i can find a way to be a great mom to both of them without taking away from either. i have so many worries about this, but in the end i know we'll make it work. and otto is so excited for the baby to come. that helps a lot. he has no reservations. i'm the one who stays up at night worrying about how it will all work out. 

but i know it will 


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