Best Friends

16 years ago today my English 101 teacher had decided to cancel class on the day before Thanksgiving. So this guy and I (we were kids!) decided we'd "hang out" at the park instead. We weren't dating. But we made each other laugh in class. And our one hour hang out turned into an epic day. Park for hours. Gluing things to my car (you're welcome, Dad!). Fountain rootbeer and pretzels. TV. More park. The po po. Dennys. So much talking. Before we knew it, it was after midnight and the stars were beautiful and we knew we were never going to not hang out ever again.

Back then he was addicted to Mountain Dew instead of Coke Zero. And although he will tell you I'm lying, his hair was bleached orange and IT WAS A BOWL CUT. Doesn't matter. 

Somehow this year. With a new baby. In a new house. In a new state. With a crazy exhausting beautiful family. And so much swirling around our heads. Somehow this year today feels extra special. It isn't our wedding anniversary. It's that first anniversary. Of the day I found my best friend and life partner and the person who makes me laugh more than anyone else. Happy November 27 Robbie! xo

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