Loretta at 8 Months

Dear baby girl, you are 8 months old today! You own my heart. I love you! And you are up to so so much.

Army Crawling like a little pro. You get where you want to go and you want to go everywhere, all the time! When I come to pick you up from the babysitter's house you look up from where you are crawling around the living room playspace and you smile so big, kick your legs in excitement, and scrounge your way right on over to me. It is the sweetest thing.

Babbling one of your go-to sounds has the ring of "ma" to it and I can't wait til you start talking (wait, yes I can). You babble and coo to yourself happily and your little voice is so sweet and soft and yet LOUD. You are not going to be a quiet child. This I know already. And I love it.

Sitting Up when we help you, you can stay seated for little periods of time. On your own, you get yourself up in these Cleopatra-slash-b-boy positions that are impressive and funny. One of your feet is pretty regularly either in the air or your mouth, all while half sitting on your side, haha.

Eating and eating and eating! You wear a size 12-18 months and you'll be popping those seams soon baby girl. You LOVE food. You love (mushed up, age appropriate, pureed) fruit, veggies, combinations, cereals, oatmeals, rice, and you really love those little organic puffs that your brother also loves and not to rat your brother out but he totally sneaks into the laundry room and sneak-eats your puffs.

Telling us everything you think/feel through your voice, expressions, and body language. You are so expressive and let's just say it, bossy! And as mentioned above, loud! You are a pistol, my dear, and a charmer. You're also just starting to try out some sign language, you smile so big when we sign "eat" and "more" and your arms/hands are working on signing "eat" as well as waving hello/bye.

Charming us. We just adore you. Eight months have flown by so fast. Soon you'll be creeping the furniture, getting into even more things, and growing even bigger still. I just want to snuggle you every second. Can we arrange this?

I am so ready for a lazy, cozy weekend at home with my family. It is definitely time to tidy, do a thousand loads of laundry, and get things in order. It's also chilly like a mo-fo and I look forward to nighttime coffee and to us teaching Otto how to play rummy. And maybe soup.

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