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Hey guys ♥!♥!♥! I'm starting a weekly feature and it's all about real life style. I really hope to get to know you guys a little bit better and to share some of our family "life style" with you. I know I LOVE it whenever I get to see what you are wearing (like please make a line and hand over all of your infinity scarves), how you dress your kids (please hand over your childsized Boggs), or decorate your house, car, or whatever thing you've decorated you weirdo who decorates your car (I secretly think it's cool if you decorate your car). Anyways, this isn't about being ultra fashionistas, at least not for us, more like, "this week was all about my favorite shlubby tshirt that I wore, oh, 3 days in a row this week." And each week I will also feature one person who participated in the previous week's link-up as well, and that person will get to choose who will be featured the following week. It sounds complicated but it really isn't, and hopefully it will be a big circle of style inspiration for everyone involved.

So, at my house, this week was all about snuggly fall clothes... I've been told I keep my house too cold (heat is costy, yo) so we all wear sweaters. 

Highlights: Otto's sweet shoes are vintage GASS that we thrifted in a moment of pure thrifting awesomeness. Loretta's leggings are Broken Tricycle and her little hand-embroidered felt moccasins were a gift from Katherine's mom and every time I see them I die because they are THAT cute.

ps. Loretta has 3 teeth and sits now, so what the heck? What the heck?!

This week's featured lady is my great friend, Annie, who has put together two amazing boys rooms for her sons. I love Annie's style and her art (that you can see on the walls) and her heart which is pure gold. She has the double dream job of being a stay at home mom and a copywriter for Anthropologie and Bhldn. I have always loved her style because it has a touch of magic as you'll see. You can find her on instagram here.

So much greatness! Thank you for being my first feature, Annie! I love you. Seriously, ma'am. Love.

Ok guys... Now it's your turn! I hope you participate, hurray! You can link up below to your recent style-related posts or style-related instagram pics. Annie will choose one person from this week's links to be next week's "life style" feature. Yip!

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