Ignore the Mess; Play Boardgames

I would direct your eye to a certain arm chubroll. This little ladybug is unreal with the squishiness already. She also noms boardgame pieces.

So this is a post mostly in pictures. About how chaotic our house is. Most of our rooms look about this tidy these days but it's even LESS cute in the rooms that aren't composed of bright colored toys.

There are dishes in the sink and dust bunnies on the floor and the counters are a mess and the dirty clothes have piled up already since the weekend. BUT I kind of don't care. I hold out hope that slowly but surely as these two kids of mine get older we will, as a family, get a handle on the chaos. We'll hang up the pictures and sweep more often and put things in order. But for now, during my 2-3 hours every weekday that I get to have dinner with and hang out with my kids and husband alltogether, I think it's important to ignore the mess a little bit and have some fun together. So even though we spent the whole game fending off Babyzilla who was pretty set on teething on the wooden snails, we played a little Snail's Pace Race and it was awesome.

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