Etsy By Goodness!

I thought I'd share some of the Etsy shops we've found recently that have made their way into our home and/or hearts.

Craft Interrupted
Otto was the lucky winner of this awesome monster scribblet on the Little Big Blog via the Etsy shop Craft Interrupted . It has lots of pockets and places to tuck away crayons and pencils, oh and adorable! And will be just the thing to take with us on the airplane next month when we head to Arizona for the holidays. Otto loves it and is meticulous about putting all of the crayons back in their place after each use. I am enamored with the swirly multi-colored pencil. 
Halloween loot she be dwindling. And we just got that ragamuffin a haircut this morning. So these pictures feel like ancient history even though they're from just a few days ago. Time! I feel like at least once per blog post I need to give Time a stern cussing to. Time, bah! Anyways...

Thief And Bandit
Seriously and fo sho someone give me $38 like RIGHT NOW to buy my baby some leggings because seriously.

The Art of Chic
I will never buy frames anywhere else and I'm serious. Lifelong fan, right here! I have ordered custom sets of refinished frames more than once from Brandon at the Art of Chic for our family pictures and am madly in love with the beautiful bright work he does. So unique and friendly and he will work with you on custom color schemes, sizes, levels of ornateness, etc.

My best friend just had a (wonderful! perfect! beautiful!) baby girl and Brandon helped me put together some beautiful custom frames as part of the nursery gift.

Kindy Garden
For that nursery gift I also bought custom prints from this freaking adorable illustrator based in the UK, Megan at Kindy Garden. The prints we got spelled out baby's first name. Love love love!

I've been following Shannon (aka Kung Fu Feltus) on Instagram for a while. Who knows how I found her but I love this girl! We ended up talking at the recent PNW Blogger meetup, just about shoplifting, and snarky stuff, and were all kinds of staring into each other's eyes with love when I realized I already knew her. "You're Kung Fu Feltus?!" I swear I almost mouth kissed that girl right then and there. She's a rad one and a keeper! Also, her jewelry the she sells along with her sister at the Etsy shop GlassCast, is freaking gorgeous. Here, see...

I found out about this great little shop via my PNW Blogger goodie bag and a sweet little bunting gift that now hangs in Otto and Loretta's room.
make today great

How sweet is that? 

Hand-cut out of a novel, the letters are covered in type, and it's sewn right onto the thread I expect it to last a while and it's such an important message to see when you wake up in the morning! ps. Poor Loretta tucked away in the room's strange little peninsula. 

See all the Etsy lately?! Really a lot! And I'm in love with all of it so wanted to share these great shops that we've found with you all. Hope you're having a great weekend. I am toying with the idea of test-driving an ombre cake this weekend and if I can make it work we'll make a fancy version on Thanksgiving. It seems like it would be easy. But I always ruin these kinds of things. Otto confided to me yesterday that he doesn't want any pie for Thanksgiving, "just cake," and that seemed like an easy enough request, especially since Rob isn't a pie man. I am a huge pie woman! But I order pie when we go out to dinner pretty often so it's no huge loss to me to make a spicy (I'm thinking cinnamon) shades of brown ombre cake with a side of homemade cinnamon vanilla ice cream for Thanksgiving because hell yeah!


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