Now I'm High on Sharpie {Penmanship Fun}

Whoa on the Sharpie fumes! This is fun though. The other day Jaimie tagged me in a blog "meme" (I had to google that and I still don't really understand what it means) but basically I was challenged to do this penmanship exercise and scan/post it here. Well I have EXTREMELY TIDY PENMANSHIP so please send your compliments even if my answers are probs a little boring. Here we go...

To get the text to show up on the bottom one I had to play with the color like crazy. Sorry if its brightness sent you into an acid flashback (ps. I'm not really sorry, that is what you get for taking acid you hippy).

Am I the only one who turns into a pile of emo mush over "Glycerine"? That song! Love love love love love love.

Also loving this cookie (pictured).

So if you were challenged, this is your virtual slap in the face with a white leater glove. *Smack!* Now go write out these questions and your answers, snap a pic or scan it, post it on your blog, and tag 3 more lucky duckies!

My handwriting IS super tidy, right? What does that say about me? Super tidy = super laid back and fun or something? I kinda don't think so. I bet a Criminal Minds agent would have all kinds of profile fun with this one. ps. Garcia, boo!


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