On Wednesday, There is Wine... Blood Orange Mimosa (hey there's wine in there) ♥

Today I wanted to mix up my wining so instead of heading to the grocery to pic a wine to review I gathered up my Otto and scooted on over to Cost Plus where they sell all kinds of neat things, including neat vinos!

I was wandering around their wine section like a lost puppy dog, nothing was calling my name, and then suddenly this happened -->

What the what?! Canella sparkling Blood Orange Mimosa imported from Italy with a love halo shooting out happiness sunbeams!

How could I not reach out and grab that beautiful bottle of carbonated wine juice? The price: just under the $12 Wine Wednesday limit. The Cost Plus sign stating clearly "Technically Wine" (ok I made that up).

I mentioned I had my Otto with me on this trip so after choosing my beverage for tonight we were off to check the pasta aisle for tonight's dinner recipe. Ummm, prepare yourself for the cuteness of the Zoo Noodles that Ot chose...

Gah!!! The noodle cuteness!

So tonight's dinner recipe was Lemon Herb Pasta Salad (c/o Amy and Suzanne). Nom-bomb! I was leery after spending $10 on pine nuts that I was going to have to toast myself. But I toasted those nuts like a top chef and the recipe is like the most amazing thing that ever happened to zoo pasta. Delish!

I love blood orange juice and soda. I love mimosas. I loved this Blood Orange Mimosa! It's yummy (it contains real juice and yes, it's sweet like a nectar) but with a dry, bright kick that reminds you you're not drinking juicy-juice in Kansas anymore. And it doesn't taste like some pre-mixed cocktail either. It tastes like someone popped a dry bubbly and mixed it with fresh blood orange juice just minutes ago.

I had mine in a cute little juice glass on ice. It went very well with my pasta dinner. I'm now indulging in glass number two and I am totally okay with the headache I'll be dancing with in a little while. Champagne headache... Worth it. Delish! (Update: never got a headache, whoot whoot!)

The drawbacks - because it's carbonated I don't know if it will still taste as good tomorrow and there's no way I'm finishing this bottle tonight. Might be best saved for a breakfast, lunch or dinner occassion, just so you get your money's worth.

I'd imagine like any mimosa this would pair best with breakfast and picnic foods. It's light and fun like that. It was a great complement to my chilled pasta dinner. I'll totes be buying this again.

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