I Sneezed the Other Day...

{Scintillating title right?}

Anyways, I sneezed on Thursday night during dinner and this little BOY said, "Bless you, mommy."

What a gentleman! And when did he start going around blessing people? Love. It.

Yep, he's still sticking his tongue out for photo shoots. And still choosing to wear his mandles every day, even though they're a lil too big so we have to put on socks (Florida tourist style!) with em.

I was doing a bunch of self loathing and whining on the Twitter last night (I blame #wineparty) so I decided to kick my own ass into shape today, take a shower, put on an outfit, brush my hair, and I'm gonna try my first "Stepping Out Saturday" post later today (maybe, if the pictures don't look horrible, we'll see).

We have a lunchdate with my sister-in-law, brother-in-law, and nephew so it's a total excuse to clean up! We'll see what comes of it but I'm in the mood to not be all self-loathy after last night's whinefest.

Hope you all are having rootin tootin Saturdays!


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