Stepped Out!

This is my first Steppin' Out Saturday ♥ I love this idea so much because it gives you (me, whatever) a reason to go a little above-and-beyond getting ready for the day on Saturday. Considering when I went to put on my eye makeup yesterday I realized it was still packed in an overnight bag from the previous weekend, I'd say it was about time! Ok, here goes...

We went to lunch at The Blue Willow. Love that place. My sister-in-law and her beautiful brood were visiting so we were all in happy spirits because we just love them! I found out it's especially awkward to ask your husband to take pictures of you for your blog when "outsiders" are around though. A lil weird. Anyways...

I'm wearing... shirt (thrifted), tank (GapBody), skirt (Ann Taylor, swapped), shoes (Blowfish)

Ot's wearing... shirt (Kenneth Cole, thrifted), vintage Levis (thrifted), shoes (Dexter, thrifted) and outer space socks (because wearing socks with the mandles is an Otto "must"!)

And... headband (made yesterday from scrap fabric), bracelet (repurposed vintage cat collar)

And that is how we "Stepped Out" on Saturday! I'm so glad I did this! It totally kicked my butt outta the funk I was wallowing in Friday night. I found my eye makeup and am wearing it again today (how fancy, right?).

And I'm rocking the same hairstyle today too and love it. Works just as great on day 2 (aka dirty hair day).

Very much looking forward to the rest of this weekend. Crafting, making dinner, and tonight a little wine all await! Hope you guys are having great weekends too. What's everyone up to? Anyone spring cleaning? I soooo need to get on that.


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