Mama Say Wha?!

I'm thinking of adding a page to this site for "modern mommyisms" what do you think? And I'm not talking about "You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar."

I feel like we blog-reading, twittering mamas say the funkiest, funniest things sometimes! I know you guys have me rolling on the floor pretty much daily. I came up with two yesterday (based on my life yesterday)...

Butter Blemish (noun) : a glob of sun- soy- almond- or peanutbutter in the middle of one's forehead, directly above the area where the unplucked eyebrows kind of meet in the middle. Resembles a blemish one has smothered in concealer. The butter blemish should be worn for countless hours, unknown to the wearer, and definitely should be worn to preschool dropoff.

Poptart Pedicure (noun) : a mode of distraction employed to guarantee 45 uninterrupted seconds of toddler toe care. Sit toddler in highchair, provide toddler with a Nature's Path Organic Toaster Pastry, clip the crap out of toddler's toenails as fast as you can!

ps. Here is my favorite picture from last weekend. Otto and his little cousin AJ having a roaring game of ping-pong. AJ was so patient to play with Otto all weekend (legos, slapjack, hide-and-seek, school) even though Otto cheats at everything (not on purpose, it's just that he's 2 years old).

So what do you think about a "Mama Say What?!" page? Do you guys have any you'd want to add to the page? I'll put it up tonight & take submissions and would link your submission back to your blog/twitter page! Just email me (see sidebar for contact link) or comment it and I'll add.

ps. This is my evil ploy to have jokes emailed right to my inbox, haha!


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