I Made Something! The Quilted BathMat...

I like to say, "I am a crafter, not an artist" and that is my disclaimer.

Me --> Hates measuring.

Refuses to use pins!

Would rather die than baste something before just sewing the thing.

Still, I do love a good craft project and am pretty durn excited that my quilted bathmat came together so nicely (see below).

All this crafting just to make up for that time I was drinking wine and dying my hair (and my bathmat) like a drunken slob! Well I've gone and made the quilted bathmat cover that I dreamed of. I did something productive! I would have just bought a new one like a normal person but I'm determined to stick to my Nothing New in 2011 resolution (saving money, yay).

Go me on the productivity! *pats self on crafty little back*

I hemmed the edges and tacked it right on top of the incumbent bathmat. And learned that if you ever plan on hand-sewing through a bathmat you should find yourself a nice thimble ahead of time. Gah! Ouch.

Finished product in "the showroom"...

Only problem is now I want a matching one to go by the sink! And a quilted shower curtain. But this mama does not take on finish huge projects, so we'll be going with the mismatch for at least a little while.

I'm onto homemade bean bags for my next to-do. Let's hope they don't get bugs or rot!

Please tell me what you think of my little project here. The cuteness, no?


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